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We understand the passion you have for your business and the frying oil you use is vital for the success of your take-away business. Frying oil is the workhorse of your kitchen; quality is paramount to the taste of the food you serve your customer.

So it is important to choose the right frying oil that gives you a long fry life and neutral oil taste and flavour. Peerless Foodservice has a range of frying oils and recommend the following for your busy takeaway business.

Recommended products for all take-away needs:

  • Frying Oils

    Your reputation and the success of your establishment are too important to trust to just any cooking oil. Deep frying oils are the workhorse of your kitchen and the quality is paramount to the taste of the food you serve your customers. Peerless Foods are committed to offering you a range of deep frying oils such as cottonseed, sunflower and tallow that deliver long fry-life, superior drain-off, neutral oil taste, and most importantly crisp tasting food. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

    Why risk your reputation to anything else?

    • Liquids

      • Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil <span>20 litres</span>

        Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil 20 litres

        Formula 40 <span>20 litres</span>

        Formula 40 20 litres

        Formula 40 <span>15 litre bag-in-box</span>

        Formula 40 15 litre bag-in-box


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