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The products and support you need for a successful  Take-Away Business.


We understand the passion you have for your business and the frying oil you use is vital for the success of your take-away business. Frying oil is the workhorse of your kitchen; quality is paramount to the taste of the food you serve your customer.

So it is important to choose the right frying oil that gives you a long fry life and neutral oil taste and flavour. Peerless Foodservice has a range of frying oils and recommend the following for your busy takeaway business.

Recommended products for all take-away needs:

  • Frying Oils

    Your reputation and the success of your establishment are too important to trust to just any cooking oil. Peerless Foods are committed to offering you a range of frying oils that deliver long fry-life, superior drain-off, and crisp tasting food.

    Why risk your reputation to anything else?

    • Liquids

      • Formula 40 <span>15 litre bag-in-box</span>

        Formula 40 15 litre bag-in-box

        Formula 40 <span>20 litres</span>

        Formula 40 20 litres

        Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil <span>20 litres</span>

        Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil 20 litres


Bring the heat with
a spicy beer batter

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