Portion-Control-Packs | Peerless Food Services

Portion Control Packs: perfect portion solutions for all your spreading requirements.


Our most popular spreads and catering margarines packaged in individual serving sizes for convenience and hygiene.

With no artificial colours or flavours and made with healthy vegetable oils, your customers will love the taste and your employees will appreciate the ease of our portion controlled spreads.

    • Tablelands Spread 10g

      The popular Tablelands Spread brand is now available in portion control packs for foodservice. A healthy and softer alternative specially made from blended polyunsaturated sunflower oil with 65% less saturated fat than butter, added Vitamin A & D and no artificial colours and flavours. With the benefit of being easy to spread and easy to use, it is ideal for your customer base such as cafes, hotels, hospitals, airlines and cruise ships.

      Vitalite Canola Spread 10g

      Vita-lite Canola is a healthier, monounsaturated portion control spread that is vegan, dairy free, Halal certified, and is also salt reduced (300mg / 100g) with no artificial colours or flavours. They are individual portions for risk free food handling. They cater to a diverse range of dietary requirements making them ideal for buffets, as well as patients in hospitals and aged care. Vita-lite Canola Spread truly is the ‘all in one’ spread, making it unnecessary to stock a range of portion control packs to cater for a variety of dietary requirements. With low saturated fat and salt, Vita-lite Canola Spread certainly achieves the recommendation from dietitians who encourage the reduction of saturated fats and salt as a part of a healthy diet.

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