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Frying the best tasting fish & chips for over 70 years


Frytol – Our premium tallow frying oil brand has been frying perfect chips for over 70 years.  Its high smoke point and stable robust base, allow it to last longer and fry crispy food time after time.  Frytol is the only choice when taste is paramount.

    • Frytol 20 kg

      What makes Frytol one of the best deep frying oils? Frytol is a semi-solid or solidified and sometimes referred to as an oleo due to its thick, creamy, almost paste-like texture and is available in a 20kg re-sealable tin. Because of its tallow base and superior formulation, it has a number of unique features that differentiate from cheaper imported and low quality blended oils. For example, it has:

      • A high smoke point - this means the oil will last exceptionally long.
      • A  high resistance to foaming and darkening at high temperatures, which means you don’t have to purchase oil as frequently.
      • A low fat absorption - which will give you food that has a clean and neutral taste, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
      And these are just a few of the reasons why so many of the most successful fish & chip shops, restaurants and cafes prefer to use Frytol for cooking great tasting deep fried foods! It’s the only choice when taste is paramount.

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