Shef Butter Replacers

Pura Shef Range Butter Replacers

Pura Shef Range Butter Replacers

With the rising cost of butter, Shef Butter Replacers are an economical option to either extend or replace your butter usage, across many applications in your kitchen.

Pura Shef 10kg Clarified Butter Replacer
Pura Shef 10kg Clarified Butter Replacer is a premium quality clarified butter replacer made from 100% vegetable shortening. With natural colours and flavours it delivers a natural butter flavour, with an easy to use soft texture. Store at ambient temperatures in the re-sealable 10kg container.
Ideal for pan or griddle frying and as a ghee substitute, Shef can be used to make crepes, baklava, and filo pastry. Shef is also ideal for sauces such as béarnaise, hollandaise and roux, and for vegetable enrichment. To cater for your many customers needs Shef is vegan and Halal certified.

If you would like to discuss how using the range of Pura Shef Butter Replacers can reduce your rising food costs, send us your details via the ‘Contact’ page and one of our experienced sales representatives will contact you.

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      Shef is a premium quality 100% clarified butter replacer. It is a more economical alternative to butter but it looks, melts and preps like butter. Halal approved.

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