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Whether you are catering for aged care facilities, meals on wheels, schools, sporting venues, airlines or hospitals – we have a range of catering spreads to meet all your requirements. Our range of spreads have no artificial colours or flavours and they come in a range of sizes from portion control, suitable for prepacks, to larger 10kg cartons ideal for large kitchen facilities.


Our range of oils are tailored to suit all your requirements for your kitchen facilities.

Recommended products for all your institution needs:

  • Culinary Oils

    Our culinary oils are designed to complement today’s health conscious consumer. Cholesterol free, high in unsaturated fats, low in saturated fats, these premium quality vegetable oils are the right choice when good health and great results are a culinary requirement. Ideal for superior tasting and visually appealing sauces and mayonnaise and perfect for shallow frying. Vegan, vegetation and Halal Certified options are available.

    • Liquids

      • Pura Tuscan Blend <span>20 litres</span>

        Pura Tuscan Blend 20 litres

        Pura Tuscan Blend <span>15 litre bag-in-box</span>

        Pura Tuscan Blend 15 litre bag-in-box

        Pura Canola <span>15 litre bag-in-box</span>

        Pura Canola 15 litre bag-in-box

    Catering Spreads

    Our catering margarines made from vegetable oils are the tastier and healthier choice of spreads that your customers will love. Our spreads have no artificial colours or flavours and come in a range of sizes from PCPs (Portion Control Packs) suited to healthcare to 1kg tubs ideal for large commercial kitchens.

    • Portion-Control-Pack (PCP)


A quick and easy avocado dipping sauce.

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